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Susan said her jealous husband Francesco Matta was calm and determined when he came to home where she and RAF officer Mr Keen had just started living together.

Flight Lieutenant Keen, aged 54, died in Susan's arms after being stabbed four times through the neck and throat in at attack at Tiverton, Devon, in July 2006.

A wife whose Friends Reunited lover was killed by her jealous husband says she was 'touched by evil' on the night of the stabbing.

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She said her contact with Mr Keen grew after she logged on to Friends Reunited and the messages became so frequent his wife Doreen tried to warn her off.

She said: "Initially we contacted each other my e mails but then I got instant messenger software so there was immediate communications."I had a phone call from his wife effectively warning me off.

"Then in October 2005 I had a call from Steve in the States saying he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me." She said Mr Keen's wife became more suspicious after intercepting a communication which was meant for him two months later.

She said: "I had to try to explain away the fact we were still in touch with each other.

She married, had two children, divorced and then married Italian chef Matta in 2003 before moving with him to Sardinia to run a holiday letting business.

Matta, aged 56, who had also been married before and has a grown up son, had no idea his wife had started an internet romance until she left him in April 2006, two months before the killing.

Divorced and lonely, Kate Roberts thought her luck had changed when a charming U. soldier started chatting to her on a dating website.

When he told he loved her, she thought it was almost too good to be true. The ‘soldier’ was in fact a member of a sophisticated Nigerian gang set up to exploit vulnerable women and convince them to hand over money.

The 47-year-old yesterday warned others to be on their guard saying: ‘I was well and truly taken in and I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did.’The mother-of-three was first approached when she set up a profile on the Friends Reunited Dating website in October 2009.

She started exchanging emails with a man calling himself Sergeant Ray Smith and chatting to him several times a day on MSN messenger.

He soon persuaded her to send him £225 for a phone line and a man with an American accent calling himself Mark began ringing her almost every day. To make his profile more convincing, the scammers posted pictures of a good-looking soldier in uniform as well as others of him topless.

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