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This website contains an amazing story of corruption, cover-ups and retaliation.

It all began with a sexual harassment complaint that the administration decided was too embarassing to address properly.

Position beginning Fall 2016 in English (Creative Writing) department.

As per the 2016 Creative Writing Wiki: multiple complaints by multiple candidates of poor treatment during initial interviews and campus visits.

The fact that the other pianist on the faculty couldn't conceive herself might just make her more hesitant to work with this candidate as well. You CANNOT sue this school because they had been sued before and they used that "ministerial exception" to argue that since they were a religious institution, their decisions were autonomous and candidates or employees were not protected under federal law! The Administration does not care about the faculty or the students.

Basically, all in all, I would say that Indiana Wesleyan University is a hypocritical institution that uses their "Christian identity" to cover up whatever illegal decisions they may want to make in hiring and employment. The President gets paid more than most Research 1 Presidents and never publishes (his "book" was ghost-written).

Issues have included members of administration in black face for halloween, an official policy of "no fat people" on the website, faculty members having their book orders cancelled, a lowering of academic standards to allow more athletes into the College, and the President vetoing faculty votes on a whim. Sent another email to follow up, and they wrote back that they had moved on because they were on a tight schedule.

If your face does not fit you will not get tenure, all the LGBT faculty have to remain in the closet for fear of being fired, senior administration shout and bully junior faculty. Cell phone crashed when search committee called, and I immediately emailed to let them know what was going on. Would have been nice to have been given a fair shot, considering the phone malfunction was not my fault.

Also, the director of the college was demoted to Lecturer after faculty complained that he was blackmailing the more outspoken faculty. ) with low teaching evaluation scores if they did not resign.

This was in the Hong Kong newspapers in the Spring of 2017.

Fast forward a few weeks later, the candidate saw that the job posting had been taken down from their website, so she emailed the chair to find out what was going on.

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