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They constituted the sixteenth and seventeenth episodes of the fifth season, and the 88th and 89th overall episodes of the series.

The first episode originally aired on NBC on February 5, 2009, and the second on February 12. In both episodes, Jim and Dwight hit a snag as the new heads of the Party Planning Committee when they forget Kelly's birthday.

Andy apologizes and mentions that he just got out of a relationship.

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Michael (Steve Carell) is asked to visit the Dunder Mifflin branches to lecture about his success in Scranton.

He and Pam (Jenna Fischer), who is coming along as his assistant and driver, plan to visit every branch except Nashua because Michael is not ready to face his ex-girlfriend Holly, who works there.

Andy admits his attraction to her to Stanley, who then gives the potential client over to Andy in exchange for two of his clients.

After walking her out to the car, Andy tries to kiss her, but is immediately rebuked.

They try to make it up to her by throwing a party but they do a poor job, choosing horrible decorations and forgetting Kelly's age.

Dwight reads her file and learns Kelly spent time in juvenile hall, but is disappointed to learn it does not affect her job performance.

The heartbroken child's family raced to be at her side in hospital but she passed away shortly after 5pm.

They are being comforted by family, friends and neighbours.

Michael and Pam arrive at the Nashua branch, only to learn Holly is away on a human relations retreat. Deeply upset, Michael is at first unable to go forward with the presentation, but Pam tries to comfort him by telling him that she felt the same way when Jim was dating Karen.

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