Godaddy email forwarding validating mx record

To be able to use Mailgun in production a custom domain(s) has to be created and verified with Mailgun. Start by adding a domain or subdomain you own in the How to Manage Role-based access control sets all current users to Admin-level users by default.

To assign different roles to your account’s users, please visit the Account section of the control panel.

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Example: Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hi, %recipient.first%, =20 Please review your profile at

=20 Thanks, Team Note The value of the “X-Mailgun-Recipient-Variables” header should be valid JSON string, otherwise Mailgun won’t be able to parse it.

Mailgun sends a copy of the message sent to the alias address to each subscribed member of the Mailing List.

You can create and maintain your subscriber lists using the API or Control Panel.

Once a recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link, we mark the recipient as “unsubscribed” from this list and they won’t get any further emails addressed to this list.

Note, that you can still override the “unsubscribe” setting via the API or the Control Panel (in case of user error or accidental unsubscribe, for example).

In addition, you can use Template Variables to create a unique message for each member of the Mailing List.

Overview To use Mailing Lists you create a Mailing List address, like tab in the Control Panel or through the API.

For example, consider the following JSON: In the example above, Alice and Bob both will get personalized subject lines “Hey, Alice” and “Hey, Bob” and unique unsubscribe links.

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