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In the same GPO go to Preferences | Windows Settings | Ini Files.

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Navigate to: Computer Configuration | Preferences | Control Panel Settings | Network Options. Add your VPN information, just as you would setup the VPN connection on a normal computer.

Check “Use DNS Name” and put the url of your vpn connection.

The downside to this is that VPN traffic can be very slow. For this GPO we will be not using the remote gateway for all traffic.

We will only have the VPN connection active for network resources that are on the VPN. Select your OU and create a new GPO titled “Deploy VPN Connection”.

When setting up a VPN connection, 9 times out of 10, you only want network traffic that is on the VPN network to travel through the VPN.

However, Windows by default is set to route all network traffic over the VPN connection. This means if your user connects to the VPN and then visits this blog traffic comes through the VPN instead of the connection where the user physically is.

Once they get their they either aren’t able to logon or can’t get network resources once they are.

This simple GPO sets the VPN connection for you so that users are empowered to work anywhere.

Only Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 clients receive user certificates via Group Policy (you can still assign user certificates to Windows 2000 and downlevel Windows clients, but you will need to use methods other than autoenrollment).

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users will now automatically receive user certificates when they log onto the domain.

You copy the built-in user certificate template and customize it later if you wish.

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