H dating in the bay area

Marie Elliot's 1984 book "Mayne Island & The Outer Gulf Islands, A History" (page 27), mentions that the first community hall in the outer islands was erected in Miner's Bay, "circa 1899 -- the precise date is uncertain".(This book can be obtained through Miner's Bay Books - 250 539-3112) June 1885.

The light's first keeper was Henry "Scotty" Georgeson who lit up the light for the first time in June 1885.

Within two months he wrote his superior asking for a fog horn.

More information about the Mast and the Japanese Community on Mayne Island.

A brief history of the horseshoe: Jimmy Drysdale was Mayne Island's blacksmith in the early 20th century, whose valuable talents were also called to Saturna & Galiano.

Many years ago, Mayne Island was home to a active, successful Japanese community until World War II, when they were taken away to war camps in the interior of B. (See the Japanese Gardens) The Mayne Mast (located on Village Bay Road near the Mayne Street Mall) was once a Japanese farmhouse owned by Kumozo Nagata.

He also grew hothouse tomatoes in the Campbell Bay area and founded the cooperative "Active Pass Grower's Association" which grew and packed "Island Brand Tomatoes and Cucumbers",a large, successful tomato growing company once situated on Georgina Point Road..

Later it was turned into a hotel and renamed Grandview Lodge. Today, many plays and showings of art are held there. - Richard Hall, the Tomato King, on his return from World War I, built a greenhouse so large the horse drawn cultivators could be driven through it and the loading of his produce disrupted the schedules of the island steamers leaving Mayne.

in 1896 the Plumper Pass Lockup was built to cool off those whose tempers were not soothed by either the church or the saloon. Japanese settlers followed his example and the greenhouse tomato business flourished until the start of World War II when the Japanese were forced to move away from the coast to other parts of Canada. They played a very important role in our colorful history.

Together they chose the bay on the South side and the particular name. Origin Notes and History Adopted 24 April 2007 on 92B/14, as proposed by trustee Jeanine Dodds, Islands Trust, on behalf of the community of Mayne Island, and endorsed by Mayne Island Conservancy Society, Association of Mayne Island Boaters, Gulf Islands Branch of the BC Historical Federation and various property owners in the immediate vicinity.

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