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With ‘The Sixth Sense,’ my dad and I discussed how this was not so much a horror story as a story about communication. It made a huge difference.”The Osment family’s low-pressure approach to Haley’s career was tested following the success of “The Sixth Sense.” “For the first time, I would be recognized in public and I encountered the whole new challenge of maintaining privacy,” Osment said.

“It was a major change, although my parents probably shouldered that more than I did at that time.

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“A film like ‘The Sixth Sense’ burns an image of who you are into people’s minds,” he said. “A lot of my peers were people who had more stage experience than me and who weren’t necessarily trying to break into Hollywood,” he said.

“In the midst of that it can be difficult to know who you are, or who you are becoming. “There isn’t a lot on the résumé from that time, but it was the biggest investment I'd made in acting to date,” he said. I was working hard on my craft, just not in a way that was visible to the public.” While Osment was a familiar face to his peers (a joke among his classmates was: “‘How many E. “That diversity of career goals made things easier for relationships to grow.”New York also gave him space to explore new roles.

He remains a successful actor, even if the roles he has chosen since graduating from college at New York University have been deliberately unlike those of his youth.

Osment plays a rotund Nazi in Kevin Smith’s forthcoming movie, “Yoga Hosers.” In “Sex Ed,” which comes out next week, Osment plays a newly qualified teacher in an inner-city school who is tasked with teaching his pupils about sex, despite a grim lack of experience in the area.

"My parents, agent, and I increasingly had to work to avoid being attached to the wrong kinds of movies.

It was a case of working with people you could trust.”The problem was made simpler by a phone call from Spielberg, who invited Osment to work with him on “A. “We immediately had the sense that I was in the right hands and doing the right kind of work.”Despite his full slate of film roles, both Osment and his parents always expected that he would go to college. ’ Answer: ‘I see dead people’ ”) he was able to shed the isolating aura of celebrity.

“With my dad coming from a theatre tradition, there was a lot of preparation before auditions,” he said.

“Not just in terms of saying the lines correctly but a process of entering into what it was all about.

“Fans will find out who he is, where he comes from and why he is the way he is.” (Series creator Chris Carter went on to reveal at NYCC that the episode will introduce us to a younger version of Skinner — could that be who Osment is playing?

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