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At the time, [all of this]—plus the idea of going to hell—caused me to run back into the closet at full speed.Not that I started dating guys—I just kept that part of my life as secretive as possible.

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I knew I was miserable living that lie and that I was happiest when I was being my true self. I simply said that I was not going through counseling again, and he told me to pack my bags.

I didn't get to say goodbye to my two little sisters who I had basically raised. It's impossible to not be moved by Rice's story and her "Voice" performance.

Colonial Blue performs March 18 at 8th Wonder Brewery's fourth annual Celebr8tion of Beer, 2202 Dallas.

Lately, in response to the outing of bad behavior toward women at the hands of powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, many of us who have spent decades putting up with similar behavior in the workplace are reconsidering similar experiences in our own pasts.

"Maybe this will bring them around." Rice's full version of "Piece by Piece" is on i Tunes.

Fellow Texan and reality vet Clarkson tweeted about the performance.

Her father was a Baptist pastor, and she told Out Smart magazine the family was "very sheltered—nothing secular was allowed in the house." She came out as a lesbian at 18 years old and described the experience in the Out Smart interview, which ended with her parents disowning her: I was 17 when I was first "caught." I was dating this girl—the first girl I had ever come out to.

One day we were at her house and her aunt came home early.

She poured truth and soul into a rendition of Kelly Clarkson's shattering "Piece by Piece." Rice is the lead singer for Houston band Colonial Blue, whose debut album, "Dear Misery," was released in 2016 and was one of the year's best local releases, moving from folk and country to rock and pop.

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