Humorous quotes online dating

He really appreciated the thought and effort that went into this.

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I’d highly recommend this as a gift for any loved one!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be the best gift giver!

I had the book written as a precursor to giving my girl a ring and asking her to marry me.

I had arranged for the restaurant to have the book delivered after dinner.

I had such a fun time writing this book for my husband for Christmas!

He really loved it and said it was the nicest, most thoughtful gift anyone has ever gotten for him!

Everything is very easy and handy, there are loads of objects.

The delivery was quick and the book arrived in perfect shape, I live in Spain. I haven't given it to him yet, I'm waiting for Christmas.

It was one of the most memorable event in my life time to see how your book coupled with the ring was absolutely perfect!!!!! I mean actually cried and read the whole thing in a few minutes loved it! I'll definitely recommend Love Book and I'll for sure be making a Part Two to my Book I'm the future! I used this book to propose to my then girlfriend and now fiance.

My Mahalos to you and your staff for your creativity and words that I could only imagine. It was perfect, I presented her the book before going down on one knee.

I picked this one because I knew my husband would think it love it and think it was funny also!

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