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Take a look at the back and you will see another grill for the rear bass radiator, DC power jack, AUX port, micro USB port, and pinhole for rebooting the device.

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This design solves the problem of dead-band-time, once thought to be the Achilles’ heel of class D.

Analogous to switching distortion [...]Bluetooth SPEAKERS are mostly about sound quality but every now and then you’ll encounter some that not only sounds good, but looks and feels good as well. Find out what this SPEAKER has to offer by reading our review.

Protruding on the front is the metal grill with gun metal finish which houses the two 50mm drive units and twin bass radiators.

Enclosed around it is a see-through plastic enclosure with honeycomb cells which B&W calls the Micro Matrix which aims to reduce vibration and distortion, which are then enclosed by a metal frame that is wrapped in smooth rubber.

Leong-Yan Yoong – Regional Head, Asia Pacific New Initiatives, Dolby Labratories Since its introduction in the cinemas in 2012, Dolby Atmos has been embraced by all the major Hollywood studios, 11 Academy Award® winning directors, and 23 Academy Award winning sound mixers, among others.

All of Onkyo’s 2014-model A/V receivers and controllers, beginning with the TX-NR636, feature Dual 32-bit Processing Engines to decode, scale, and calibrate Dolby Atmos for any home theater configuration.He goes on to recount a story of his father, who died because he drunkenly steered his cart into a ravine after thirteen days of sobriety.Ruth and David are able to keep their farm, and Anna - riding on David's father's horse, which he decided he needed to get rid of after all - goes off on her way with many thanks from the shepherd boy, getting the idea from his mother to visit Rumplestiltskin in order to further her secret mission.In other words, Sigma fills the void and makes the price of admission into real high-end more affordable.With the cost advantage Classé now enjoys as part of the B&W Group, it is a fact that we can put more cost into the parts and less into assembling them.On top you will see four buttons: Bluetooth, Play / Pause, Volume Down, Volume Up.

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