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Senate Enrolled Act 316, Heather’s Law, is Indiana’s teen dating violence prevention legislation.

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In so many communities around our country, guns and domestic violence are a deadly, tragic mix.

There is no doubt: dangerous people with guns are a threat to women, and the loopholes in our laws are one reason we have such a problem in our country with gun violence against women,” said Congresswoman Giffords.“By closing the loopholes that let abusers and stalkers get guns, this law would make our country a safer place to live - and it would save lives.I am grateful to Congresswoman Dingell and Congressman Dold for standing up for common sense, and I hope their colleagues in Congress join them in supporting this badly needed legislation.” The Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act makes two commonsense updates to federal law to address existing loopholes that make it easy for perpetrators of dating violence and those convicted of misdemeanor stalking to legally access guns.Of the 411 abortion restrictions that have been introduced so far this year, 17 have passed at least one chamber and 21 have been enacted in five states (FL, IN, KY, SD and UT). Supreme Court is considering a case involving a package of abortion restrictions in Texas; that decision, when handed down in June, could reshape the legal landscape for abortion at the state level.This year’s legislative sessions are playing out on a crowded stage. Moreover, just as the state legislatures were hitting their stride in late March, the U. Food and Drug Administration revised the labeling for mifepristone, one of the two drugs used for medication abortion.Aired 7- 8p ET • Trump Lawyers Set For Key Meeting With Special Counsel; Trump Sets Up Attacks On FBI Says "We'll See" About Flynn Pardon; Top Dem "Increasingly Worried" GOP Will Shut Down House Investigation On Russia By End Of Month; GOP Reveals Final Tax Bill, Rubio And Corker To Vote "Yes"; Interview with Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana; Omarosa: Trump Admin Has "Lack of Diversity".

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