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This powerful legislation is a new development in tackling such crimes. Whilst public safety is to the fore of our Association’s objectives, we strongly disagree with this aspect of the report, as there is no evidence to show any link between legally held, sporting firearms and a risk to the safety of the general public.We would urge hunters and members of the public to be vigilant over the coming weeks as poaching tends to increase in February. As a responsible hunting organisation, we welcome any attempt to end the criminal misuse of firearms.

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The Minister concluded: "I have previously committed to consulting with all parties, including user-groups, before deciding on changes to firearms licensing.

I would encourage all those with views on this matter to now take this opportunity to make a submission." The report is available on the Department’s website under recent publications at ENDS We received the following Garda statement as part of the ongoing “Operation Bambi” targeting deer poaching.

We received the following Garda statement as part of the highly successful and ongoing “Operation Bambi” targeting deer poaching. He was granted bail and was remanded back to Naas District Court on 25/2/2015 Ends Having sought the views of our members regarding the proposals contained in the joint An Garda Síochána/Department of Justice and Equality working group report, on the review of firearms licensing, the association made a comprehensive submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality.

It should be noted, conviction on indictment under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013, carry fines and imprisonment up to a fine not exceeding €250,000 or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years, or to both. The report cites public safety as the basis for the proposed changes.

The charges all have their genesis in Operation Bambi and are predicated on alleged poaching of deer in the area of West Wicklow.

The defendant pleaded guilty in court to the offences which were detected in 2014 under Operation Bambi.It is also alleged the AGHE as part of their approach suggest that once the individual has completed their Trained Person/Hunter requirements for the sale of game to AGHE’s, they can sign off on the carcasses they purchase as having met the necessary inspection requirements.Again this is incorrect and an offence as the requirements state “person (trained person/hunter) was present when the animal was shot”.Following the publication of a report on firearm licensing, Minister Fitzgerald is seeking submissions regarding proposed amendments to the current firearm licensing system. the licensing of handguns be confined to specified Olympic handguns. The licensing of centre-fire semi-automatic rifles be prohibited. The licensing of semi-automatic shotguns with a capacity of greater than three cartridges be prohibited. The grounds for disentitlement to hold firearms be expanded to include persons convicted of certain additional offences. That the grounds for an appeal to the District Court against a refusal to grant a firearms certificate be extended. That the reloading of ammunition be permitted in a controlled manner.Previous statements on this matter claimed “a great many deer stalkers would be affected” by proposed changes to the firearm licensing system these statements have now been proven to be misleading.The Minister has invited interested parties to make submissions on this Working Group Report.

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