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She keeps Mac interested in her with promises of undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and with constant flattery of Mac's physique.A former member of the Gang from back when they were in high school.A seventh year student had concealed information from a Master Legilimens? Marvolo began to feel an increasing sense of urgency.

Nodding to the gargoyle, he headed through the long, stone hallways of the beautiful old castle, off to ambush a truly fascinating young man.oooooooooooooooooooo The din of hundreds of students in the Great Hall seemed slightly louder than normal, a fact which the vastly amused Slytherin professors and students attributed to Hadrian's simply revenge against the shellshocked seventh year Gryffindors.

The betting at the table of the snakes was hot and heavy, ranging from how soon James Potter or Sirius Black were going to fly into a rage to how long Parvati Patil would be allowed to remain in school once her father read her story and learned that the young woman had devoted herself to learning skills that had little chance of giving her gainful employment.

It was criminal, how the Potter Family had abandoned the boy to the poverty and cruelty of a muggle orphanage.

Marvolo made a mental note to look further into those circumstances. "Satisfied with the old hat's rumble of agreement, Marvolo plucked the hat from his head and folded it, settling it within a pocket of his robes.

Usually, the rowdy lions were the source of at least half of the noise in the Great Hall.

Tonight, however, they seemed huddled in upon themselves, sitting in sullen silence and growing dread as they awaited the fallout from Hadrian Morgan's writing contest. Lavender Brown, for example, was certain that she deserved whatever was coming to her, having been one of the six Lions who instigated the prank and motivated the others to participate.

7th Year Gryffs learn why it is never a good idea to piss off their favorite victim, shy Ravenclaw Hadrian Morgan.

The orphan's payback during Professor Slytherin's class is BEAUTIFUL & piques the interest & libido of the Lord Marvolo Slytherin, who courts him with the aid of most of the School. TMR/HP Slash OOC AUSCHOOLED – DUELLEDA/N: From original notes: This is the second story in the "Schooled" series. It isn't as witty as the first (and wow, the response to "Schooled" was wonderful! "I warned the young man that you would catch him eventually."This time, it was Marvolo's eyebrows that rose in surprise.

A Roman Catholic priest who becomes defrocked, destitute, abducted, assaulted (both non-sexually and sexually), threatened, hunted, severely injured and addicted to cocaine all directly or indirectly resulting from the influence or action of Dee, Dennis, Charlie and Mac, who are his former high school classmates.

As a boy he suffered from a medical condition that required the use of very conspicuous complex leg braces which inspired the pejorative nickname "Rickety Cricket".

" As Founder's Heir, Marvolo Slytherin had considerably more power within Hogwarts than the Headmaster, a fact that irked the old man to no end. Marvolo allowed him a few moments, and was rewarded when the aged voice spoke again. You know that I cannot simply declare a person sorted or re-sorted; I have to be on their head to activate the charm. I will not accept failure in this."Tavin seemed to be peering closely into Marvolo's mind as he asked with amusement, "Why are you so determined to do this, young Heir?

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