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To some extent this Iranian approach is based on an experience that work is poorly rewarded, and thus it need not be one's focus.

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America's history has been an upward arc, justifying, perhaps, the belief that the future will be better than the past.

Iranians have a deep historical doubt about whether tomorrow will be a better day.

His attempt to drive them off (politely of course) resembled a child trying to shoo away a swarm of bugs.

The more he resisted, the more confabulatory and comedic became the stories he heard.

No matter what one's religious tradition, American culture is suffused with the influence of its Puritan founders: the notion that hard work is inherently virtuous is so deeply believed that it rarely requires mention.

The easy acceptance of limited vacations and long working hours reflects this heritage.An Iranian writer, Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh (pictured seated), widely viewed as a founder of modern Iranian fiction, lived most of his long life in Switzerland.He once wrote a psychological critique of Iranian culture (The Character of Us Persians) in which he argued, among other self-criticisms, that Iranians have some character flaws, including that they fib extensively, more so than Westerners.In contrast, Iran's predominant philosophy has been a Shiite mysticism, personified in the 17th century Islamic philosopher Mulla Sadra.While more open-minded that traditional Islamic theology, Shiite philosophy remains committed to certain basic beliefs about divinity and revelation, a bedrock upon which the whole superstructure of culture is built.Despite his wide prestige, Jamalzadeh's views met with harsh rebuke by Iranian intellectuals.

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