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The Germans were so proud of the sinking of the commercial vessel that Karl Goetz designed a medallion honoring the victory.One side shows the ship going down with the words "No contraband" at the top and “ The liner sunk by a German submarine ” at the bottom.

This allowed the British to claim that the Germans had waited for the ship to leave port and committed wholesale premeditated murder.

Goetz later corrected the date but it was too late by then. They were sold for 1 pound each, with the proceeds going to St.

The error certainly destroyed any chance these fake banknotes had of destroying the Turkish economy. On Island after island thousands died in "Banzai" charges or committed suicide rather than be taken prisoner.

Under their rules of Bushido, if they surrendered they were disgraced and lost from their family and ancestors forever.

” Unfortunately for Karl Goetz, he put the wrong date of sinking on the medal, an error he later attributed to an error in the newspaper account he had read.

Instead of the correct date of 7 May, Goetz engraved 5 May, two days before the actual sinking of the .

Someone once said that they so love propaganda that they cannot do it well.

One of their worst WWI propaganda blunders occurred when a medal was commissioned to honor the submarine sinking of the unarmed British passenger liner Lusitania.

British Intelligence copied the medallion and advertised it around the world to show the barbarian nature of the Germans. Dunstan's Blinded Soldiers and Sailors Hostels and the Red Cross.

Some 300,000 British replicas of the medallion were made on the instructions of Captain Reginald Hall R. The British imitations were presented in special boxes with a view of R. A label on the box holding the medal read: The Lusitania (German) Medal.

The Lusitania was sunk by a German submarine on May 7, 1915.

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