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Pick from wild bejeweled outfits and colorful and revealing ... There's a talent show at Monster High and she is the opening act.

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Choose the decorations and snacks they're going to enjoy, prep their outfi...

Spend a lovely afternoon with our cute mommy and her newborn baby.

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Anna injured herself going after Elsa when she left the castle.

Kristoff found her and took Anna back to Arendelle so a specialist could check her out. Gilda Goldstag is a natural beauty with a fabulous sense of style.The baby is restless and crying so you need to help our mom calm her cute baby by feeding him,sing a nice lullaby and showing her ...Barbie has a lot of talents but mostly she loves to sing.When she's not shopping for cute new clothes at the local mall, Gilda likes to spend her time planting trees and talking to anima...Princess Elsa was singing songs with her sister, Princess Anna, when she began having trouble staying in key.It seems that Elsa is having some trouble hearing, so she's off to the doctor to see i...

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