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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Kim and Lexi kindly indulged all the hopeless romantics here at GO with the details of their picture-perfect love story.

They both clearly remember the first time they saw each other at a dive bar in the Hamptons. “She was talking with friends and the backyard lighting just lit up her face,” Lexi recalls.

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Though we’ll always remember her as the queen bitch of her cycle, most of us went from hating her to liking all of her gorgeous Instagram pics.

Ya Ya’s photo critiques usually boiled down to her looking too much like a dancer.

I think that Jayla was probably the biggest bitch, although she didn't mean to be. I certainly still talk to Kyle a lot, and yes she was robbed for sure! She is certainly one of the most amazing, honest, good-willed, and hilarious people I've ever met.

While I didn't quite understand her in the house, towards the end and after it was all over, I got to know her very well.

Some, however, defy the odds and flip their quasi-fame into movie roles (those acting challenges really pay off), non-modeling gigs, and more reality TV.

Since Everything you need to know about Cari Dee is in her Twitter bio: “I was born in a Willie Nelson birthing suite.” As a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation, she’s spoken about her struggles as a model. In Tyra’s first-ever cycle featuring both men and women, most of the guys proved to be completely inept at walking down a runway without looking like ax murderers. But the real reason he’s on this list is his social following.

I certainly want to thank all of you for the support-- and sorry I didn't pull through till the end.

Any message you'd like to relay to The Gays, who were all pulling for you?

Tyra approves Analeigh — an adorable, figure-skating fan favorite — had a part in a Ryan Gosling movie.

We repeat: She had a part in a Ryan Gosling movie, playing Steve Carrell’s kid’s babysitter.

I've been attending fabulous events, going to photo shoots, and trying to escape being a reality TV show star forever! I owe it to her I think that I stayed as long as I did.

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