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So instead of informing everyone about things you like from back home, ask them questions about what they like or their traditions.

Still, even those who advertise “keine Zweck-WG” may not always be overly outgoing.

So basically, don’t get your hopes up - and if your flatmates turn out to be friendly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Remember the term ‘verabredet’ Germans have a specific term for being committed to attending an event - even a casual get together: verabredet. At least for this American who’s used to flaky fellow Millennial friends back home cancelling at the last minute via text message, this can be both a surprising and refreshing realization.

But an easy way to burn bridges in Germany is when you’ve said you’ll go to something and then bail.

I once thought house parties were an exception to this rule, but no: I’ve had German friends call me out for even this.

If you learn more about German culture, you'll get more ideas for conversation starters - listen to the radio, watch their shows, read the news (we can help with that! This arrangement means you already know your partner is interested in learning your language and meeting up regularly.

Perhaps they’re a German who also just moved to your city and they too want to meet someone new.

If you're staying in another EU country for less than 6 months and haven't registered your car there, you may not legally lend or rent your car to a resident of that country, who may only drive your car if you are in the car with him/her.

You may, however, lend your car to visiting friends or family - provided they are not resident in your new country.

The best classes for me were at the public Volkshochschule - which is also much more affordable than private courses.

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