Laptop battery icon not updating

On the picture above you can see three different laptop CD/DVD drives with different face plates/front bezels.

When you are replacing a failed CD/DVD drive, you have to make sure that the face plate from the old drive will fit your new drive.

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The data connector (right connector) is shaped similarly for both drives, but the power connector (left connector) is shaped differently.

By the way, you can connect a 2.5″ laptop SATA hard drive to a desktop computer using same cables as you use for a regular 3.5″ desktop hard drive.

If yes, select Show icon and notifications from the drop-down menu to and then click OK button to restore the icon. To do so, you can right-click on the Start button (Windows 8.1 only), and then click Device Manager.

If you are on Windows 10/8/7, open Run command by simultaneously pressing Windows and R keys, type and then press Enter key to open Device Manager. Right-click on Microsoft AC Adapter entry and click Uninstall button.

On some other models, the optical drive is secured by one or two screws located under the keyboard.

If that’s the case, you’ll have to remove the keyboard first.Click OK button when you see the warning message to continue uninstalling the driver.Step 3: Next, click on Action menu and then click Scan for hardware changes option to restore the missing battery icon.HOW TO REMOVE CD/DVD DISC DRIVE In most laptops, the CD/DVD disc drive is secured by one or two screws on the bottom of the laptops.Remove these screws and pull the optical disc drive from the laptop.The best way to find a new optical disc drive is searching by the manufacturer’s part number found on the old drive.

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