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The questions in the petition ask victims to explain why they want protection and to describe the abuse they suffered.

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The PFA petition also asks the petitioner to tell what they want the PFA to do.

Usually, there are employees at the courthouse who can help to complete PFA petitions, and give information about free or low-cost legal services in the county or region.

The abuser will not usually be present in the court for this.

The judge may grant or deny a temporary PFA order and will schedule a date for a final hearing.

A PFA order describes certain things the abuser must do or is forbidden to do in regard to a victim, and can include many kinds of protection.

For example, a PFA order can make it illegal for the abuser to contact, harass and abuse the victim and the victim's children.

A temporary PFA order will protect a victim and/or children until the date of the final hearing.

This hearing will take place within 10 business days.

If either does not agree, the judge will give the victim and abuser the chance to talk on the record about the abuse described in the petition.

After listening to the testimony, the judge may grant the plaintiff a final PFA order.

The local domestic violence program has information about the PFA process in each county and the rights of victims of abuse or other crimes.

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