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"I bet you're a great fuck in person." Somewhere, she had enough energy to smile at the thought. " The insatiable coed slid her fingers back down to her crotch, to lightly tease her clit and get some more tasty cuntjuice on her fingertips. You should come fuck me." "Maybe I should," the horny married voice smoothly chirped from long distance, "if I'm ever out your way. " Heather shrugged, and her voice sounded equally ambivalent."Don't matter to me, I like fucking, that's all." "I can tell," said the man she just met in Literotica's chatrooms not even 90 minutes earlier, "you sound like you know your way around a cock, and from your picture I can tell you get as much cock as you want!Here she was, sitting on the sofa with this beautiful hunk of a 40 year old man, daintily crossing her legs and smiling at him because he's family, nervous what exactly to say.

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She figured was probably only, what, 10 or 11 last time he was there.

He was coming from Florida and rarely makes it out to the West Coast, especially with some kind of fancy job that put him in Europe and South America every month or so.

" "Don't I wish." Her pussy, indeed, was spent for the moment, so the 18 year old rolled onto her stomach, realizing how wet her bedsheets were.

The juices had been dripping out of her pussy, over her ass, pooling under her during the fantastic phone-fuck.

Uncle Jake pretended to ask Heather and her three much-younger brothers how they were doing and what haul they made for Christmas, but his eyes were all over his niece.

As she sat back on the sofa, slightly emphasizing her breasts in her dress, she felt her uncle's attention continuously returning to her curves.

"Aren't you sweet, but naw, you have no idea how remote our house is, and besides, we have family coming in this week, I kinda gotta be here." Being reminded that she was stuck at home with no access to boyfriends or vibrators turned her slight grin into a pout.

The phone sex was good, but dangerous; her parents or siblings could easily pick up the phone and hear it.

Mid-afternoon, Mom had the family dressed in their Sunday best and assembled in a line in front of the front door. Deepset beautiful blue eyes, and close-cropped hair. "Um, hi Uncle Jake," the blonde giggled girlishly, almost blushing, as her uncle she hardly knew stepped forward for a hug hello.

Dad was getting back from the airport with fat Uncle Jake. The cheerleader immediately saw in her studly uncle's eyes that she wasn't what he was expecting either.

Doing it at 3am, like right now, seemed pretty safe, but it was becoming increasingly frustrating during daylight hours that she hardly had privacy to find a place to finger-fuck herself to happiness.

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