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Drop-in fuels: Fuels made from UOP technologies can be blended at sufficiently high levels using the lowest-cost raw materials.

The company leases fermenters, such as those used by the pharmaceutical industry to produce insulin, along with other existing industrial infrastructure to create batches of its product, although it declined to specify where it would produce this particular bio-oil. If Solazyme succeeds, it will be the first biofuel company to actually produce algal oil from its own algae and deliver it. government will pay $8.5 million for the contracted 20,055 gallons of algal fuel from Solazyme, the bulk of which must be supplied within a year.

Sapphire Energy, a competitor, had supplied jet biofuel to the first commercial flight powered in part by the tiny aquatic plants but had purchased the bio-oil from Cyanotech Corp., which grows algae for the nutritional market. That would be nearly $424 per gallon but "applying price per gallon to that contract would not be a very fair assessment," says DESC's Binder, because of the much greater research and development investment needed to make algae-based fuel a reality.

"The test results will bear that out." As the renewable fuels are delivered in increasing batches in coming months, the Navy will begin lab testing them. "The three goals are fuel security, something that is renewable, and that we can produce and provide for ourselves to reduce our reliance on foreign sources of oil. Then, obviously, the environmental benefits that could potentially derive from that." The first green plane?

The Navy hopes to put the biofuels in active planes and ships in 20, respectively, according to Billy Ray Brown, spokesman for the U. An F/A-18 Super Hornet, or "green" Hornet, which is tentatively scheduled to take to the skies with a blend of conventional and bio-based jet fuel in tests next summer.

And in Europe, the Renewable Energy Directive and the Fuel Quality Directive require that 10% of transportation fuel come from renewable sources by 2020.

Challenges refiners face meeting renewable fuel mandates: Refiners can meet worldwide renewable fuel mandates with help from UOP’s flexible technology solutions Stable, long-term economic advantages: Favorable economics are sustainable during the life of the project because of feedstock flexibility and the option to sell the fuel to third parties.That's for "up to 400,000 gallons of renewable jet fuel" for the Air Force, says DESC's Frank Pane, director of energy plans and programs. Under the Texas Fuels bill, state agencies with 15 or more state-owned vehicles will need to purchase vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), ethanol or methanol blends, biodiesel, hydrogen fuel cells, or electricity.The first jet biofuel will be delivered on September 15 and a UOP-sponsored assessment shows that camelina jet biofuel reduces carbon emissions by 80 percent compared with conventional kerosene. "The Navy is asking for quantities that are not commercial quantities," Johnson explains."So the process involved is a batch process and some of the costs that are involved are very expensive to set up." The company also sells the meal left over after crushing the camelina oil seeds as a U. Food and Drug Administration–approved feed for broiler chickens.Law enforcement and emergency vehicles are exempt from the law.

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