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“I’ve always been no-games when it comes to girls I like. But, that doesn’t really work.” There seems an unwritten rule that when you’re interested in someone, it’s better to pretend you’re not.Greg, who admirably abandons this silly tactic, still can’t meet a girl. give a new take on matchmaking, it will take time to ditch the lingering stigma of the business altogether (read: only desperate people need matchmakers).“Guys aren’t traditional the way they used to be,” she explained. Apart from her admittedly terrible taste in television, Christy is a completely eligible bachelorette. You could ask her about her job in the public health field, but she’d rather tell you about the time she spent in Africa building clean-water communities. But, for those living in NYC, she’s one of a growing population of young women unable to meet someone in a city brimming with young hopefuls. ”Christy thinks people in the Big Apple have a very specific problem: “It’s like New Yorkers have Peter Pan syndrome,” she said, speaking to the ways we date a ton but don’t find many actual relationships.

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Christy told Swider she wants a man who is “kind, curious, smart (not necessarily book smart), and socially responsible.” She’s been drawn to finance guys in the past, but knows it’s been a history of poor matches.

“What I want to be drawn to isn’t what I’m actually drawn to,” she said, noting she’s had a history of picking guys who are bad for her.

Though, Swider assures me, “No one has that desperate vibe.” And, I believe her — at least as far as New York is concerned.

Her clients are a lot like you: upwardly mobile and carpe-ing diems left and right.

There is some superficiality to it — she looks for men and women her clients have identified in part on physical traits. “I never want to make a guy think I’m flirting with him.

But, more importantly, her clients ask for someone who’s passionate, honest, “not rude to waiters,” and capable of teaching them something. I need him to know what I’m here for.” When I asked her what made a good matchmaker, she didn’t say anything about knowing a lot of people.

In response, Swider pieced it together quite nicely: “You’re looking for someone who’s a guy’s guy on the surface, but underneath he’s got a little more going on.” I was tempted to slow clap. Just because Christy was interested in being set up doesn’t mean the male community would be interested in letting a stranger send them on dates — especially when TDR’s core demographic is people in their 20s and 30s.

After all, if Christy’s having trouble meeting someone, what makes Swider any more qualified, or lucky, even?

And, these events are a great way to find gainfully employed, passionate, driven people.

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