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By Womans You can learn how to get a divorce in Maryland and find the help you need by using the resources below.

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Once a child is 16, he or she can petition the court for a change in custody, which will result in a hearing to determine whether to grant the custody change or not.

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The court may also award alimony for an indefinite period in two instances: 1) if it finds that the dependent spouse is incapable of becoming self-supporting due to age or physical incapability, or 2) if there will continue to be a huge disparity between the spouses standard of living once the dependent spouse is capable of being self-supporting.

Unless agreed to otherwise, alimony ends when either spouse dies, if the receiving spouse remarries, or if continuance would lead to inequitable results.

The custody determination will be based on the children’s “best interests” and the circuit court may appoint legal counsel to represent the needs of the child in cases where custody, visitation, or support is contested.

In making the determination of custody and visitation, the court will consider a wide range of factors including who is the primary care-giver, whether there has been evidence of abuse, the willingness of the parents to work together, both the parents and the child’s preference regarding custody, how long a parent has been separated from the child, the possible disruption of the child's life, and anything else the court considers relevant.

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Maryland Residency Requirements for Divorce and Where to File: To initiate a divorce, the cause for divorce must either have occurred within the state (for which there is no residency time period), or if the cause of divorce happened outside of Maryland, at least one party must be a Maryland resident for at least a year prior to filing.

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Property division in a Maryland divorce or annulment: Property and debts acquired while married are deemed marital property and may be divided in the divorce, regardless of which spouse's name is on the title.

Separate property or debt is not divisible in the divorce and includes property and debt which was acquired before the marriage, was an inheritance or gift from a third party, is excluded by a valid agreement, or is directly traceable to separate property.

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