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Related: Brigitte Nielsen Slams Sexual Assault Allegations Against Sylvester Stallone More from the piece (below): "Massage Envy told Buzz Feed News that it would not be 'appropriate to respond point-by-point' to questions 'because of pending litigation' and the confidential documents involved.But overall, Melanie Hansen, general counsel of Massage Envy Franchising, said the company has worked hard to create the industry's 'most stringent, rigorous policies' for hiring, screening, and training therapists.I called the Sandy’s springs location that same day and was told by a Shondalyn that the location manager Robin was going to call me the next day. Robin called me a week later but to only find out there was miscommunication she was actually out on vacation.

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According to the longform investigation, more than 180 people have filed sexual assault lawsuits, made police reports, and filed state board complaints against Massage Envy franchises across the country, as well as their employees, and the national company.

Worse yet, many have now come forward to report that their claims were mishandled or ignored by employees and owners of the individual Massage Envy spas, or by the national company itself.

In 2008 the company was acquired by Veria, a Texas based multimedia company.

By 2010, there were 624 locations in 42 states and Veria sold the chain to Sentinel Capital Partners.

Me not knowing as I don’t work there, I figured that the locations systems talk to one another.

I had no idea they any notes placed at location only that location can see.

In Florida, a woman said she tried to push away her massage therapist as he licked her vagina.

Over 100 reported that massage therapists groped their genitals, groped their breasts, or committed other explicit violations, such as the California woman who said she opened her eyes during a prenatal massage to find her massage therapist sucking on her nipple." Now, Massage Envy is flailing to try to run away from the bad press — at the center of which is not only the sexual assaults and misconduct itself, but also the company's inconsistent policy to policing their employees and aligning with their customers when things go REALLY wrong.

Related: Al Franken Continues To Deny Sexual Misconduct Allegations From the "Dozens of women reported digital and oral penetration.

One Oregon woman said her massage therapist forced his entire fist into her vagina before ejaculating in her face.

I just discovered this by talking to Robin on today.

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