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And, even though I don’t have the stats to prove it, most of the dating that takes place in India envisions marriage as its end goal.But to forbid matrimonial sites from ‘disguising’ themselves as dating websites, the government is coming off as prudish, vastly out of touch with times and curiously enough, anti-dating.

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Dating sites (and apps) already exist in India and are very popular, then why this strict injunction that users on matrimonial websites must declare their ‘intent’?

And why should the intention should be only marriage?

Remember the annoying uncle who insisted that ‘Beta, no dating for you!

We will find a good groom, and then you can happily get married! Well, if you’re living in India in 2016, that uncle is the Government of India. IT and Telecom Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad has approved an advisory on matrimonial websites, which says that the websites have to confirm the ‘user’s intent to enter into a matrimonial alliance.’ Apart from ensuring that matrimonial sites don’t masquerade as dating websites (because of course, Indians don’t date), the advisory also requires users to upload true copies of supporting documents such as proof of identity and address for the purpose of user verification.

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