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Young kittens are often curious and may taste the litter when they are first introduced to the litter box.Those who are opposed to this type of litter claim it expands inside the cat or kitten and turns into a gummy, clay mass that can harden in the gastrointestinal tract causing illness and even death.

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This article offers the current facts about cat litter, but it is up to each cat caretaker to make the decision about which litter they believe is safest for their pet.

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2) You can purchase the main E-book we have created ,.

This used to retail at $27 on line then we found on the volume we were selling we could actually cover our costs at on Amazon by selling for the Kindle yet still help as many cats and the people they own!

Because they are so smart, Cats can be quite difficult to train.

They think so fast and catch on so quickly, it's critical to catch them early and help them develop the right habits so you both can live "happily ever after" together. Because we love cats so much (both as cat owners and professional veterinarians), we have created what we hope, will be a definitive guide specifically on feline spraying, inappropriate urination & defecation, where we We also include a Quick Fix / Case History section which you can dive straight into if all you want to do is pick up some practical tips to start correcting the specific problem, in the shortest time possible for example spraying.s and many cat owners on the Internet actually helped us finish it.

The idea is we will then send you regular updates on aspects of feline behavior and health we think are appropriate, You can unsubscribe at any time.

The replies give a good overview of how to deal with the most popular feline behavioral problems.

The concern of many cat caretakers is the health dangers posed when the clay particles are ingested as a cat licks its paws and fur while cleaning itself.

There's also concern that cats might breath in the dust when scratching in the litter box.

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