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When Google, in a rare misstep, censored its results in China, Brin, whose parents’ experience attuned him to the abuses of totalitarian regimes, took the leading role in pulling the company out of the country.

The corporate culture that you’ve likely heard about at Google—the lack of a dress code, the free sushi, the pets at work, the free Pilates sessions—was all part of the founders’ mission to create a benevolent workplace.

NEW LOOK Sergey Brin at the Diane von Furstenberg spring 2013 show.

Eventually, Google would employ 55,000 people on its 65-building campus in Mountain View, California, creating the country’s best e-mail platform (Gmail), their own browser (Chrome), a G. Google became a supremely powerful corporation, but in its DNA it remained anti-corporate.

While it acted aggressively to innovate, Brin and Page tried as hard as possible to hew to their unofficial motto of “Don’t be evil,” keeping their search engine pure despite attempts by major advertisers to game results.

Among the foremost examples of Silicon Valley’s data-driven pragmatism and optimism, they fervently believe the world can be a better place and have devoted themselves to making it so through their many interlocking ventures and family foundation, to which they contributed $187 million last year.

But romantic scandals can happen even to those for whom “good fortune arrives in fairytale-like flurries,” as once wrote. Last year Brin, a handsome, compact man with a toned physique, an enviable head of hair, and sparkling brown eyes, left the family’s spread on a $7 million Los Altos lot while dating a Google employee in her mid-20s, Amanda Rosenberg—who, in turn, ditched her boyfriend, then a prized executive at Google’s Android arm, for Brin.

Gossip about the situation ricocheted quickly among the upper echelons of the wealthy fortysomethings leading Silicon Valley.

Making things even more complicated, Wojcicki, says a friend of the couple’s, considered Rosenberg “a friend.”A stunning Englishwoman with Chinese and Jewish roots, Rosenberg often dyes her long dark hair with streaks of color, like burnt sienna.

Hypotheses can be limiting and scientists can be led astray; using massive computing power to find patterns is quick, and data sets don’t lie.

As Wojcicki and Brin started seeing each other, Google had not only weathered the dot-com crash but begun to dominate the search-engine business and was minting money via Ad Words, the most effective advertising platform in history. mapping system (Google Maps), a news aggregator (Google News), the world’s largest collection of data-storage servers, and the world’s most popular mobile operating system (Android).

At Google she quickly moved up the ranks to become a marketing manager or main “cheerleader,” as an industry observer called her, for Google Glass.

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