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I think that she has a lot less to lose telling me that she’s 40 than at work, as of now.

And it was just the right time, maybe not the right place, but it was the right time.

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Come to find out, she’s this two-time Tony Award winner and has done all of these amazing things. She’s just such an amazing woman on-screen and off. NT: Just some really good resolution with Liza and Josh.

She’s probably the easiest person I’ve ever gotten to work with. I think it was episode 4 that we first had sex, [Sutton] hadn’t ever done a sex scene on camera before and I had done a couple. There’s a great scene where the two of them come together and discuss what the situation is, what the situation was, and the possibility of what the future holds. I just think that love is a weird thing and it makes people do weird things.

While it is possible to select "Date" on any of their profiles, only two of the nine women are actually datable.

Selecting "date" on non-dateable users will cause Mr.

PHOTOS: Best TV couples Now he’s a series regular on this summer’s clever (and insanely sexy) new show, which stars Broadway legend Sutton Foster and Disney alum Hilary Duff, to name a few. It’s a big lie that was revealed and yeah, he was high on ecstasy when it happened, which was a major buzzkill. It sucks whenever that happens, however that happens.

Josh is the twentysomething stud who wins the heart of Liza (Foster). Tortorella, 26, exclusively spoke with Us Weekly's Rachel Mc Rady about his character's complicated relationship and this season’s finale: Us Weekly: In the latest episode, Liza tells Josh the truth about her age and he walks off. I don’t know, I think that come the last episode, the two of them will be able to have a conversation about it and see where it goes from there.Us: You guys have had some pretty racy scenes, especially for TV Land. And she was like super nervous about it, but at the end of the day, it’s just work and we just had fun with it. C., but it’s definitely been fun pushing boundaries — we have drugs, we have sex. Us: What kind of feedback have you guys gotten from some of those scenes? Were you crushing on Lizzie Mc Guire back in the day? Nico Tortorella is beautiful, and he has the ease of someone who knows it.In front of the camera, there isn’t a hint of hesitation or self-doubt.Us: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for somebody you’ve liked or loved?

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