Northwestern medical speed dating

Exhibitors rotate through tables, spending 5-10 minutes with each table of participants.

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As the state chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, ICEP is dedicated to advancing emergency care and committed to the interests of emergency physicians.

The Illinois College of Emergency Physicians is the state medical society representing 1,300 emergency physicians in Illinois.

Medical students may select any table (specialty) of interest and will have 8-9 minutes to gain an overview of that specialty and ask any questions. By the end of the one hour session, students gain valuable information about six different specialties and established potentially valuable contacts as their careers evolve.

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Medical students from both Creighton and UNMC are given the unique opportunity to interact face-to-face with established physicians to discuss a variety of medical specialties.

The event, designed with a “speed dating” format, seats physicians at individual tables labeled with their medical specialty.

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