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L4D2 = Also, just a new campaign, but with ported L4D1 Survivors. Because they're inviting L4D1 voice actors this time, they could record additional survivor lines to match with L4D2 like "Bile Bomb here! Nightmirage , August 21, 2010 (UTC) HOPE there will be an uncommon for L4D1..THINK there will be uncommom for L4D1." and "Charger" etc., so theorically, now they can convert any L4D1 campaign for L4D2 harmlessly. Hengara , August 22, 2010 (UTC) Speaking of the comic, in the page that was shown for the comic where Louis was out on a building talking to that guy named Ray, did anyone else notice the figure on the far left that looked much like the Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2? Masterlegodude , August 22, 2010 (UTC) I cant wait for this After hearing Bill's line for The Sacrifice, saying "Shut up you goddamn birds!Grasscid , August 27, 2010 (UTC) Uh...that's exactly what I said.

And No Mercy was my favorite from L4D1 , but i think L4D2 is getting a better deal.

Good work Valv you finish off the xbox TF2 updates from last year.

Though I'm sure once the proper materials are given out with the DLC, people will make mod skins to replace all the L4D2 survivors with the old ones. That being said has their been an article for the Comic yet?

Hunter Punter , August 23, 2010 (UTC) Hello Jokers Flame again! We have tons of info on it and a few basic shots, we even know of a new charcter named "Ray"!

A note - The Sound\player\survivor folder (all dialogs) in L4D1 is 800mb. ", it makes me wonder that perhaps the survivors are wandering in a place where the noise of birds can attract a horde, like the crows did in the Blood Harvest finale.

And that excludes No Mercy music, Chopper Pilot speech, etc. That's probly the way it's gonna be, although I wish they could find a way to make L4D2 engine read repeating sound files from L4D1 folder, if a player has it installed. Hunter Punter , August 22, 2010 (UTC) Does this mean we can choose from the all 8 characters if we buy the DLC. Well I only show up when major DLC news starts happening...any-hoo I'm back for a while!

Urik Kane , August 21, 2010 (UTC) do you think there will be an uncommon infected in the dlc for left 4 dead 1? OMFG I want to play as Zoey on Left 4 Dead 2 No, you only get to choose the survivors in their respective campgains. If you didn't know L4D1 gets 3 new maps with this upcoming DLC.

From what was said, only the L4D1 survivors can be used in The Sacrifice and the No Mercy port. (No new weapons or abilities at all.) However L4D2 gets the same 3 maps including an updated version of No Mercy with all the L4D2 Features and weapons (8 Maps), they also get to play the same DLC (As said above) with L4D2 weapons, All SI, Melee ability (With fatigue in campaign), and Uncommon common.

so can somebody let me know if we can sacrifice the AI.

If you're playing with three controlled survivors and one AI bot, obviously you'd want to force the bot to do it.

-- , August 23, 2010 (UTC) Hello, I would like to know where to find the inteveiw with Chet? Otacon1514 , August 23, 2010 (UTC) Placed the link on the wiki page.

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