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It’s funny, Soap thinks, how expensive stuff always looks more dangerous, and also safer, both of these things at the same time. “I already ate.” She sits up on the counter beside the sink and swings her legs.

He pokes around in the fridge and finds some pre-sliced cheese and English muffins. She’s wearing a bikini top, pink shorts, and no shoes.

Soap tried not to dwell on escape plans, although sometimes he dreamed that he was escaping. This was true in Soap’s dreams, just the way it was true in the movies. According to Soap’s friend Mike, who was also in prison, people worried too much about zombies and not enough about icebergs. Mike pointed out that icebergs were slow, like zombies. Somebody had to plan for icebergs, according to Mike. Becka promised that if there were a fire or an earthquake, she’d rescue the painting first. Soap has barricaded himself in Float with his mother and some blond Japanese tourists with surfboards. When the zombies finally find a way into Float, his mother and the tourists can hide behind the counter.

Grant and Link also co-edit (with Ellen Datlow) The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror annual.

Her fiction has earned her an NEA Literature Fellowship and won a variety of awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Stoker, Tiptree, and Locus awards. I just got out of prison.” He takes another big bite of steak.

It’s not like there are cars with swimming pools in them. Even before Soap and his friend Mike went to prison, Soap was sure that he’d had opinions about art, even though he hadn’t known much about art. Art and prison were the kind of things that you had opinions about, even if you didn’t know anything about them. These were some of the things that he had known about art before prison: He knew what he liked when he saw it. We were going to have this party and then she said I should go ahead and have it without her. He flushes and when he goes to wash his hands, he sees that the people who own this house have put some chunk of fancy soap beside the sink. It’s too big for her in the bust, so she’s holding the front out like she’s waiting for someone to come along and drop a weasel in it. Once when they were in high school, Soap and Becka had bought a urinal cake. They’d taken the urinal cake out of its packaging and put it in a fancy box with some tissue paper and a ribbon. Becka would take things out and put other things in. He likes to sleep under the bed.” “What’s his name? There are girls who have had years of piano lessons, and then there are girls who have taken piano lessons who also know how to throw a party and how to clean throw-up out of a piano.

“Hey y’all, I don’t know why they call carpools carpools. Soap didn’t take an art course, but he thought about art. This sounded romantic, but really, it was just stupid. Carly is standing there talking to some Asian girl wearing a strapless dress with little shiny fake plastic flowers all over it. What the soaps really smelled like were those candles that were supposed to smell like food, but which smelled instead like those air fresheners which hang from the rearview mirrors in taxis or stolen cars. Like making a clean getaway smells the same as the room freshener Soap and Becka used to spray when they’d been smoking their mother’s pot, before she got home. Every once in a while Becka and her little brother would drag the suitcase back out from under the bed and sort through it. She hands Will a beer and sits down on the bed beside him. You can’t get puke out from between piano keys.” Will thinks Carly says this like she knows what she’s talking about.

Soap’s mom, who lived in California out near Manhattan Beach, was too busy and too pissed off with Soap to visit him in prison. Soap’s older sister, Becka, was the only family member who ever came to visit him in prison. “That’s super.” “I was thinking about that thing we talked about. “Well you give her my best,” his dad says, and hangs up. Will calls his sister, but Becka isn’t answering her cell phone. If the zombies showed up tonight, Will would barricade the bedroom door with the heavy oak dresser. Maybe they could make wings out of that feather dress and fly away. Will looks under the bed, just to make sure there are no zombies or suitcases or that drunk guy from downstairs under there. Even the fairy tales that Becka used to read to him. Landscapes with frames around them, to keep the landscapes from leaking out.

Soap’s dad was living in New Zealand and every once in a while Soap got a postcard. “Some girl just came in and took off all her clothes,” Junior says to his dad. In Will’s opinion, zombies are attracted to suburbs the way that tornadoes are attracted to trailer parks. Maybe houses in suburbs have too many windows and that’s what drives zombies nuts. The three of them will make a rope by tying all those dresses together and escape through the window. When Soap thinks about the zombies, he thinks about how there’s nowhere you can go that the zombies won’t find you. He pictures all of these places as paintings in a gallery, because as long as a place is just a painting, it’s a safe place.

Toe to top of her architectural haircut, she’s as tall as Soap. There’s a heart-shaped rhinestone under one green eye. She’s gorgeous, but Soap knows better than to fool around with girls who aren’t out of high school yet, maybe.

He says hey to Will and then he lies down on the floor with his head under Carly’s chair.

It will be just like a Busby Berkeley zombie musical.

I like stuff that isn’t the same every time you look at it.” “How about zombies? Maybe you could adapt zombie contingency plans to cope with icebergs. Even after Soap got out of prison, when it was much too late, he still dreamed about escaping from prison. Even before she rescued her roommate or her roommate’s cat. There’s a big painting of a flower garden, and under the painting is a king-sized bed with dresses lying all over it. The zombies will slip all over the floor and Sweetheart will bash them in the head with the cash register.

His dad is always enthusiastic about Junior’s ideas. Get out of that fucking country while you still can. It looks like something a dancer in Las Vegas might wear when she got off work. Any place Will thinks of, the zombies will eventually get there too.

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