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Also there are better ways to be remembered than emails and texts – someone doesn’t have to forget about you if they’re you.

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Far too much emphasis is put on finding a way to be friends again. If you’re going to be friends, it will happen without being forced and when you’re both back in neutral territory. If you try to be friends before you are enough of the way along in the healing process to be too impacted if they don’t behave as you’d like, you will reopen your wound.

That said, if there are very shady reasons for why you have to cut them off in the first place, I wouldn’t exactly break your neck to be friends. If you’ve got friendship on your mind, it’s likely a sign that you need to refocus your energy.

Don’t use it as a means of attempting to force people to do what you want.

This is how you end up chasing them for crumb ‘top-ups’ and being chained to your phone checking for texts and emails.

Avoiding NC and holding this belief is like having this idea that what can often amount to feeble amounts of effort from their end is keeping you front and centre.

People who require NC often engage in this low-level contact and dribbling crumbs of attention with about as much effort as ordering a pizza.

Next thing you know, you’re getting hearts, flowers, and violins and a sudden change in behaviour and think, Oh, they really get my pain this time…, and you get back together and then shazam, it’s a matter of hours, days, or weeks before the rot starts to set in again.

NC is to end a relationship not to force someone into giving what people in even moderately healthy relationships give without coercion.

The lesson: Friendship is what happens, 1) when you’re over them and 2) they have shown themselves to be friendship worthy, neither of which the object of NC is at this time. They might claim not to realise it on a conscious level but fact is, only someone who is incredibly emotionally immature and a responsibility dodger, would have no clue about how, 1) inappropriate their behaviour was / is or, 2) how affected you are.

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