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What to do: Deny location requests from websites where it isn’t vital.

este o afectiune oftalmologica data de opacifierea cristalinului , ce determina scaderea progresiva a vderii.

, in mod normal cristalinul este transparent si are rolul de a focalize lumina care patrunde in ochi si de a produce in acest fel imegaini clare pe retina care sunt transmise catre creier prin nervul optic .

You'll need to turn off location tracking using your computer's main Settings Privacy and then scroll down to Choose apps that can use your precise location and toggle Microsoft Edge to Off.

Google accounts for more than 75% of global search traffic, with billions of search queries processed a day.

Often, this is because you’ve landed on a webpage where the pop-up is an integral part of the site experience; for example, you might be on a shopping site, and the pop-up might be a detail view of the item you’re looking at.

When the pop-up bar appears, it will give you a choice of allowing the popup; allowing all popups on this site for this and future visits; or continuing to block popups on this site.

: este o afecțiune a ochilor care se caracterizeaza prin opacifierea cristalinului la una din principalele cauze de cecitate sau vedere scazută la copil.

Every week, our Tekspert answers one question about digital technology. When you’re browsing the internet, you’ve probably come across the annoying phenomenon known as “pop-ups,” those boxes or windows of text and images that literally pop up over the webpage you’re reading.

Inaintarea in varsta reprezinta cea mai importanta cauza de aparitie a cataractei.

Medicamentele (ex.:cortizonul), mediile toxice, bolile sistemice (ex.:diabet), traumatismele, expunerea la raze ultraviolete si nu in ultimul rand ereditatea sunt factori ce pot influenta sau determina aparitia cataractei.

These super cookies can track your movements across different browsers and even regenerate third-party cookies you previously deleted.

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