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As long as the two parties involved amicably agree on who gets what and don't head to court each time to make a decision, the fees are manageable, says Silvana D.

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Myth #2: Living together before marriage lowers the chance of divorce.

This fable's popularity may be connected to the fact that it makes sense.

If both parents are fit to raise the child, they're typically granted shared custody.

Myth #7: The US's divorce rate is higher than every other country's.

Meaning: Litigation can be a long, drawn-out process, which can simultaneously heighten clashes and hike up charges, while mediation typically involves less time to reach a resolution, which translates to lower fees. Alimony is money that one spouse is legally obligated to pay the other, either over time or in one lump sum, agreed upon at the time of the divorce.

Its purpose is to provide either partner with the lifestyle he or she had throughout the marriage.

Tessina, Ph D, author of If cohabitation occurs out of necessity (say, your partner lost his job and can't afford to live on his own), the experience doesn't benefit the relationship.

If you're considering moving in with a boyfriend Myth #3: Second marriages are more likely to last than first marriages. After all, you'd learn a lot from a first marriage that you can apply to a second marriage.

This could be a widely held belief because so many people think that mothers always get custody. Even if the mom is the child's primary caregiver throughout the marriage, both parents are "entitled to equal time with the kids," says Raso.

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