Using too much bandwidth will slow down your connection, so this limit is for your own good.

Also, to stream in full HD 3 mbps is more than enough.

In case you incounter any difficulties, please contact us the support team and we will help.

IPCam Live has direct ONVIF support which means that you can determine the RTSP URL using IPCam Live’s ONVIF Discovery tool.

Just enter the IP address and the web port of your camera and the streams supported by your camera will be displayed. This is key information because the camera has to be configured for less bandwidth than available.

All you need is to be able to access your camera online.

IP cameras use the RTSP real-time video streaming protocol for streaming the video.

CAMS is also an approved GST Suvidha Provider(GSP) that facilitates seamless GST services more...

First you need stable Internet connection with a sufficient upload bandwidth.

We can lock your account to a dedicated server and in this case you can add the IP address of the given server to yoru firewall.

Please contact our support team and we will assist you.

Typical bandwidth of a standard IP camera is 1Mbps but in order to stream HD quality 2-4Mbps is needed.

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