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He remains a big draw in a cemetery of many distinguished deceased, though his inscription mentions only two accomplishments: "Beloved Husband and Father." Cathedral City, CA After visiting with Ol' Blue Eyes or Sonny Bono, see the nation's first memorial specifically honoring LGBT veterans.

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London, England Scientist, astronomer, and originator of both the laws of motion and the theory of gravity, Isaac Newton is now buried in Westminster Abbey in the chapel of his alma mater Trinity College.

An ornate memorial sculpture was erected near his grave, but the headstone itself is simple, marked with a Latin inscription translating to "He surpassed the race of man in understanding." London, England Nearby Sir Newton in Westminster Abbey is a simple stone commemorating the life of English naturalist, scientist, and philosopher Charles Darwin, best known for his book "On the Origin of Species," which transformed scientific thinking in the latter half of the 19th century.

Paris, France Polish romantic composer Frederic Chopin's grave is watched over by a weeping, moss-covered stone sculpture of Euterpe, the muse of music, holding a broken instrument.

It's yet another example of the gorgeous grave architecture, honoring names both well-known and unknown, that makes Père Lachaise one of Paris' most popular sites.

Heptonstall, England Though fans have always left flowers and writing utensils as tributes, poet and author Sylvia Plath's simple grave in the St.

Thomas' Churchyard was long the subject of controversy for the inclusion of extra surname "Hughes" by her husband and fellow poet, Ted Hughes, whom some blamed for her suicide.Richmond, VA In a cemetery also featuring the resting places of U. Presidents James Monroe and John Tyler as well as numerous Confederate leaders, a cast-iron statue of a Newfoundland dog draws a large amount of attention to the grave of Florence Bernadine Rees -- a 2-year-old who died of scarlet fever during the Civil War.Elmira, NY "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" author Mark Twain was laid to rest alongside U. veterans and congressmen in Woodlawn Cemetery, a national historic landmark with its own history as a Confederate prison camp.Oxfordshire, England Winston Churchill, the historical icon and two-time prime minister best known for leading the Britain through World War II, was honored with an enormous state funeral attended by representatives from 112 nations upon his death in 1965.Today, he's honored at Westminster Abbey but rests at the family plot in the St. London, England Regardless of how one feels about the ideas of Karl Marx, his gravesite is an impressive monument befitting the German philosopher's enormous impact on modern history.Paris, France Another popular permanent resident of Père Lachaise is Doors frontman Jim Morrison, whose grave has an unfortunate history of defacement, having formerly featured a bust that was vandalized repeatedly and then stolen in 1988.

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