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We had our first events in Europe, including Rome, Southhampton UK, and Lisbon.

We had our first events in South America in Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

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Thankfully, no protests were ever confrontational; in fact, Pagan Pride Birmingham neatly defused an Operation Rescue attempt to protest at PPD Birmingham by selling them booth space. This year brought the establishment of the Pagan Pride Project Regions in order to better coordinate efforts in various areas.

These new Regional Coordinators became members of the Pagan Pride Board in order to take some of the workload off Dag and Cec and to better serve the Pagan community.

55 fully confirmed and reported events brought a Pride-wide attendance of 9,359 people.

8,671 pounds of food and goods were donated to various charities, in addition to $4,961.11 in cash.

Her proposal included the central core of what has become the Pagan Pride Project, three elements designed to increase community good will and public relations towards Paganism: a public ritual or celebration open to Pagans, non-Pagans, passersby, and onlookers; press releases and public relations activities designed to encourage positive media portrayal of Pagans and Paganism; and a food and materials drive for a local charity, food bank, shelter, or refuge, to symbolize both Pagan responsibilities to their town, city, or state and in honor of the various Thanksgiving holidays common to most Pagan traditions held around Fall Equinox.

While many Pagan Pride Day celebrations have included more than this, every celebration ever held as a part of the Pagan Pride Project has included at least two, if not all, of these elements.During her time as a member of PAL, Cecylyna proposed a formal program to the PAL membership and director to facilitate celebrations of Pagan Pride on a local level to be called Pagan Pride Day.From the beginning, Cecylyna's vision of what Pagan Pride Day should be included several departures from the celebrations common to the Pagan community.It cannot be copyrighted; the founders have always felt it would be a breach of honor and decency to copyright it.There are rumors of single, local events using the name of Pagan Pride as early as 1992, though no documentation of these events has been found.The participants of the 1998 events were determined to try to do it again in 1999, and Pagan Pride Day was set for September 25 of that year. While Pagan Pride Day is set each year, Pride events are actually scheduled within a 'window' to either side of the date.

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