Pension contributions rules on backdating

Long-term IB will be paid if you have been sick for more than 52 weeks.If you qualify under the special rules for young people, you must have been getting short-term IB for 52 weeks.It is expected that the rules will treat you as having an income from an occupational pension that would be available to you if you applied for it.

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You may be treated as having paid the necessary National Insurance contributions to get IB if you have: Been working abroad for an employer based in the United Kingdom and paid NI contributions for the first 52 weeks of that employment, or Paid enough UK NI contributions and the equivalent of NI contributions in certain other countries.

If you became sick before reaching pension age, you may be able to get IB after pension age.

This means that your entitlement to Incapacity Benefit may be based on different rules.

What is Incapacity Benefit Do you qualify Payment rates If you have personal pension How to Claim How is your incapacity assessed When does the Own Occupation Test apply When does the Personal Capability Assessment apply Exemptions How much do you get Does anything affect what you get New permitted work rules from April 2002 Transitional Rules Linking rules What happens on retirement How are you paid Reviews and Appeals Further information Incapacity Benefit is for people unable to work because of illness or a disability.

Incapacity Benefit can be paid to people based on the number of National Insurance contributions they have paid or been credited, or may be claimed under the youth provisions if they were sick or disabled when they were 16 or over but under 20 (25 if they were in education or training before age 20).

People who have reached state pension age cannot normally get Incapacity Benefit.

It can be paid at the Retirement Pension rate for up to one year of sickness.

If you get the long-term rate of IB you may qualify for extra money depending on your age when you became sick.

You may get Incapacity Age Addition if you get long-term IB and were aged under 45 on the day you became unable to work. For new claims, half of your occupational or personal pension(s) above £85 is to be deducted from your incapacity benefit.

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