Pisces dating libra

Even if upsetting things happen to you on a day like this, the Moon's positive placement will help you deal with adversity better than you would on a day when the Moon was traveling through a different, less compatible sign.Intensity score Your Daily Horoscope's Intensity score is based on KT's secret formula.As much as the love gods might be nowhere to be seen today fear not, they are waiting for you on the other side of the New Year.

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It's a weighted scoring system that compares your Sun sign with not only the Zodiacal signs that the planets are currently traversing, but also with those planets' current transits -- the aspects they're making in relation to your Sun sign.

' Hard' aspects, or ones that cause friction, confusion and difficulty, will make your day more intense.

Horoscope's keywords Your Daily Horoscope's Keywords are based on the Moon's current placement in the sky and how it affects your Sun sign.

These keywords are a mini-reading of your emotional state for the day, and are closely related to your 5-star rating.

That makes it astrology's fastest-moving 'planet'! That also helps to explain how fast our feelings and moods can change.

The Moon affects your emotional state in varying ways, depending on which Zodiacal sign it currently resides in.

Emails could pour in, too, or instant messages from friends or family.

You love staying in touch, but all this back-and-forth takes a lot of energy!

Your emotional state has a lot to do with how you meet the challenges of the day.

For example, there are times when, no matter how many positive things happen in your life, you're feeling too overwhelmed, grumpy or just blah to appreciate them.

This is the perfect chance to offload any old baggage that you want to stay behind in 2017.

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