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He's a member of the handicrafts club at school and is highly skilled at sewing. ” Looking out the window, Ichigo felt a little sad that he only had her- him… “Well that explains why he sits with our group.”“Wait until you hear this next one. A 15-year-old high schooler and classmate and friend of Ichigo's. He often uses overly-dramatic movements and words to act out how he feels.Though acting and saying that he hates Ichigo, that is nothing but a wall wanting to be close to him. He's good-natured and often tries (and fails) to "woo" girls and cheer up Ichigo, usually ending up in Ichigo hitting him in some way.

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Name: Ichigo Kurosaki Age: 15I'm your typical high school student, expect for the fact that I'm also being chased by a bunch of different guys. Ichigo has a small group of friends that he hangs out with with.

He lives with his father and two younger sisters in their house attached clinic.

Family:-Kurosaki Isshin (Father)-Kurosaki Yuzu (Younger sister)-Kurosaki Karin (Younger sister) Friends:-Inoue Orihime-Yasutora Sado "Chad"-Arisawa Tatsuki-Asano Keigo-Kojima Mizuiro-Kuchiki Rukia (Best Friend) ~Love Interest~Yasutora Sado.

A 16 year old high schooler and one of Ichigo's closest friends.

He was just a bit taller than himself with the same beautiful orange, silky hair but with it cut short in the back with the bangs grown out and parted off to the sides, most of the hair on the left with the same hair pins. “Well you see, the game is designed for the player to have a real-life experience of what it’s like to be in a dating sim.

It’s a chance for them to see what people really do have feelings for them. The only thing different about Tatsuki was his hair was a bit flatter but still spiked.

Friends:-Kurosaki Ichigo (Best Friend)-Inoue Orihime-Arisawa Tatsuki-Asano Keigo-Kojima Mizuiro-Kuchiki Rukia ~Love Interest~Ishida Uryu.

A 15 year old high school student and classmate of Ichigo's.

Sado's group of friends tend to call him Chad instead of his by his actual name.

He's tall and strong for his age and doesn't speak much.

Uryu is quiet and tends to keep to himself, only having one friend, and tries to act cool around other people.

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