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Puerto Ricans are a hot race, the men are just gorgeous, I don't discriminate, but I don't understand why when I see you with a black women she's not so hot. I, myself am a black puerto rican, a negro and I like and only date Latinas and black women. In new york, philly, boston and miami, American blacks and latinos date and marry all the time.

If you are going to date a black women wouldn't you want a slim americansista that looks good, like myself? I know looks aren't always everything, it's whats in the inside that counts but come on be real. I personally don't discriminate when it comes to color and women, white black, hispanic, it's all good. How many times have you seen a dark puerto rican man with a morena or canela P. Now at one time I swore off black women but I'm black. If you are a black woman, you need to be ashamed of yourself for putting another sista down because of her weight. After all, the african did the booty good..........

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To each it's own, and to you chewy, if you don't date black women that's fine and to you willie if you like thick women that's fine as well.

Don't you ever, ever, call me a dumb one until you understand my damn question. I myself is dating a PR and he wouldn't have no other way. They judge each other too much, over stupid shiiiii like clothes and makeup and shoes and looks.

Seven potential supernovae have been reported to the Transient Name Server.

"We are tracking 18 other possible exploding stars," Dr Tucker said.

AMERICANSISTA [This message has been edited by americansista (edited 03 December 1999).] [This message has been edited by americansista (edited 03 December 1999).] Hey, I know where your coming from girl, I'm not talking about race here either..a nice looking man with a not so cute girl, well, there's not too much you can do except say, damn! ------------------ NJ RICAN Americansista, I will tell you that being called a latino and sleeping with a latino doesnt make you a latino.

Willie, you know I love ya honey, (even though you haven't emailed me in a while, hint hint!

"The supernova is about 970 million light years away, meaning that it exploded before the dinosaurs were even on the Earth," said Dr Tucker from the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA).

"This is the exact type of supernova we're looking for - type Ia supernova - to measure properties of and distances across the Universe." Among the amateur co-discoverers are Alan Craggs from Aberdeenshire in Scotland and Elisabeth Baeten from Belgium.

We've almost reached 40,000 classifications, with more than 1,300 images classified, since the launch of our project." Astrophysicists use supernovae, which are explosions as bright as 100 million billion billion billion lightning bolts, as light sources to measure how the Universe is growing and better understand dark energy, the cause of the Universe's acceleration.

Scientists can measure the distance of a supernova from Earth by calculating how much the light from the exploding star fades.

Consequently, the spatial patterns generated by hornbills had consequences for post-dispersal seed fates, particularly whether or not the seeds were removed by rodents.

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