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They let me follow my own decision and whatever I decided was going to be fine with them.” Father Sal was ordained by Bishop Head in St. After ordination he returned to Rome to finish school for the first year of his priesthood.

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During this time he was also in residence and assisted at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Buffalo.

Father Sal still practices Canon Law for the Diocese of Buffalo some 26 years later.

Returning from Rome he was assigned as a judge and defender of the bond for the Tribunal.

About a year and a half later he was appointed the Judicial Vicar for the Diocese.

Recalling his earliest thoughts of becoming a priest, Fr Chuck Slisz remembers at the age of five years old, “sitting in a little chair all by myself and saying, ‘God, could I be a priest when I grow up? He attended Infant of Prague Elementary School and then entered the Diocesan Preparatory Seminary.

’ I saw priests at church but didn’t know anything about how that happens.” Whenever people asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he would respond – a priest. He was the only one of his siblings to be born in a hospital. He was there for 8 or 9 years and then moved on to become pastor of St. After graduating from there he went to Wadhams Hall Seminary College and then the North American College in Rome.

Something about that smile just clicked for me – that he just shared something so beautiful with everyone.

He had connected everyone with Christ at that moment and it was clear that he loved what he did.

Accepted at three colleges he planned to get a degree in History, graduate, get married and teach history. Father Sal recalled, “My parents encouraged me and all my siblings in whatever we were doing.

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