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Contrast Designated Love Interest, where a romantic subplot is given so focus that it feels fake; why are these characters who barely know each other convinced that they're soulmates?

Obviously, considering the emotional nature of romance and the contentious issue of Shipping that arises out of it, most of these examples will fall into subjective territory. Strongly overlaps with They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot, as many audience members who liked the plot that got overshadowed by the romance will likely end up coming to this conclusion.

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Their sixth sense reacted to the danger, and when they decided to protect Yamato's dimension, four of the six King's Credentials transformed into Zyuoh Changers to transform the Zyumen into the Zyuohgers.

Yamato wanted to become a Zyuohger too and asked a fifth King's Credential for Zyuohger powers.

At worst, it becomes a monster unto itself and brings the whole story down with it.

A telltale sign of a Romantic Plot Tumor is that you could edit out the romance thread completely and have the story still make sense (and be a more bearable length). The sad thing is that the creators usually put some thought and effort into crafting the romance; it isn't a Token Romance, but it turns out to be more of a glaring intrusion than a typical Token Romance.

Expecting a Deathgalien, what they found was, to their surprise, something completely different as the cyborg monster Shiomaneking emerged.

Introducing himself as a member of Shocker, Shiomaneking attacked the Zyuohger trio, believing that, as they had the ability to track him, they would make excellent bases to create new cyborgs from.

The King's Credential allowed him to transform into Zyuoh Eagle and fight with the Zyumen.

The five of them defeated the one who attacked Yamato's dimension, Deathgalien's Jagged, but Nalia made him grow giant, their Changers glowed to teach them how to summon the Zyuoh Cubes to fight the newly grown Jagged, and then their changers teached them how to form Zyuoh King, but Tiger and Elephant were out of the formation, to which Tiger responded "First come, first served? They defeated the Deathgalien and the Zyumen revealed their identities to Yamato, and told him they had no place to live in, so he offered his home, to which Elephant, (now revelated to be named Tusk), refused.

Everything is workin fine the buttons are not stuck or loose, the on/ off button is switching fine.

Initially I wanted to fit 2x Li-Ion cells but there just wasn't enough room for that 2nd cell.

Sometime following their formation, the five Zyuohgers fought and defeated the Kuliner Yokai Wanyūdō while the Ninningers and To Qgers joined forces against the Kibaoni Army Corps and the Evil Army Shadow Line.

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