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The image of the hard-working Asian became an extremely convenient way to deny the demands of African Americans.“The insinuation was that hard work along with unwavering faith in the government and liberal democracy as opposed to political protest were the keys to overcoming racial barriers as well as achieving full citizenship,” she writes.

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She knew that he was enamored with Marilyn Monroe, so she went and got her haircut and makeup done like Marilyn, which totally backfired.'In the book Holly describes how she broke into tears after Hefner told her he hated her new Marilyn Monroe-inspired look that she had done especially for him – complete with short hair and bright red lipstick.'I convinced myself that I could look past his age and appearance,' Holly writes.

She tried to look like the ex-girlfriends he liked the most.

People disempower you while telling you they are empowering you.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online, Polish beauty Izabella St.

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But in the postwar moment, Wu argues, it was only convenient for political leaders to hear the Asian voices.

By the 1960s, anxieties about the civil right movement caused white Americans to further invest in positive portrayals of Asian Americans.

You are told that your questions matter, when really the goal is to steer you deliberately toward a singular answer.

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