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It turns out that the reservations were booked under the wrong name.

Karl was trying to straighten out that mess, I booked my passage on the ferry; one way ticket plus dormitory sleeper: .

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This year we have the basket straps, but they are not the correct ones. We let one of JD's towing guys hook the BMW up to the cradle. While our car is getting hooked up, Jon "Arthur Ponzirelli" Ackerson arrives. We pull over along route 52 across the street from the gas station. This guy is going to take a giant dump on our little road trip.

He does an admirable job hooking up the basket straps, but he hooks the safety ratchet straps to the body of the trailer... I can clearly see a NYDOT State Trooper Van parked at the onramp to I84 east. License and registrations for all these vehicles... Suddenly, the 6 hour window starts to look like a 15 minute one.

Karl called JD during the reservation fiasco to try and clear things up.

That did not happen; however, JD did tell us that Bob Della Rocco was at the ferry.

When I pull into the Apfel's driveway, Karl is already packed up and ready to go; however, we have some additional work to do on the car.

We put fresh pads and rotors on the front of the car.

We tell Bob to meet us in the Winter Bar onboard the boat.

We park the Hummer in the enormous hull of the ferry and make our way up to the bar.

We inputted our route into the Hummers nav system so when we get of at the first available exit, it creates a new route for us.

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