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Nathan’s voice can be heard in Funimation’s dub of Luck & Logic as Yoshichika Tsurugi, Attack on Titan as Marcel, Gapri in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator as Craig Cahn, Midboss’s 2064: Read Only Memories as Chad, Magic Pants’s Heroes Never Lose as Pronto, Skip Beat!

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First details about Friends to the End have just been posted on Kickstarter in a new update.

Way Forward provides the following information: Friends to the End takes place chronologically in the middle of Shantae’s storyline.

Getting hit by enemies incurs a penalty, dropping the power level.

Enemies and Bosses have been tailored around these new concepts, dropping health and Gems to feed the player’s needs.

Tags: dolldivine - sailor moon - anime - magical girl - weapons - mega hits - tv shows - magicians - cartoons - scene maker - couples - male - animals - brush mode :'( I was working on a doll for a DDNTM on here, and I had a version saved, but I had added a whole bunch of details that made it looks much better, and I was going back and forth between a tutorial and the doll on 2 different tabs, but I accidentally closed the tab with the doll, and I didn't save the version with the extra details.

When Shantae: Half-Genie Hero was on Kickstarter, a “friends mode” stretch goal was funded.

Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops must enter Shantae’s mind in order to rescue her consciousness from the “Nightmare Realm”; a series of twisted memories designed to swallow Shantae whole.

This will not be an easy task for the three adventurers, who lack both genie magic, and the ability to get along.

This game contains the full senshi fuku set, with all the accessories.

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