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This movie seems like it's just about some seniors cutting school, but there's a bigger lesson there. 15 things every high school senior is sick of hearing Follow Gurl, pretty please!

It will really make you think about what you want to do after graduation and how you're going to meet everyone's expectations. is really a movie about how everyone, no matter what, deals with insecurities.

It shows us high school seniors getting ready to move on and leave life behind, and incoming freshman getting ready for high school.

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If you're a senior virgin, you will especially relate to this story, which really nails the nervous pressure you'll feel - along with the awkward scenarios that will happen. doesn't focus on graduation, it does focus on relationships and friendships and just figuring things out - which is really what all seniors are dealing with.

Plus, it's a '90s classic, and you can't go to college if you haven't watched it.

is a great movie for seniors to watch because it's about a group of friends going through their last year of high school.

It will remind you that you have to tell your crush how you feel while you still have the chance - just don't, you know, change yourself for him/her.

It's the story of a poetry teacher who inspires his class, and while it's very dude-heavy, it's also pretty inspirational and motivational.

It will make you is all about the last day of school.

It will make you want to travel, experience new things, and take risks.

Just don't leave without telling your family, that's not cool.

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There’s a reason that so many coming-of-age movies focus on the last days or months of school for high school seniors.

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