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Examines the nature and causes of crime, the criminal law, constitutional safeguards, and the organization and operation of the criminal justice system including the police, courts, jails, prisons, probation and parole departments, and community corrections agencies.Covers the history of the criminal justice system, terminology and career opportunities. General Education Designations: SB Explores domestic violence as a social problem within the United States from historical, cultural, political, legal, and law enforcement perspectives.Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in ARC142 or permission of Department or Division.

Units of analysis include the development of Indian law, United States Supreme Court decisions, Congressional Acts, treaty rights and the development of tribal governments.

Focuses on legal institutions that have abridged the property rights of Indian Nations. General Education Designations: C, H An introduction to crime and society's responses to it.

Focuses on working from residential and commercial layouts to develop professional quality roof, roof framing, floor framing and foundation plans.

Emphasis on the use of applicable codes, construction materials and methods, and office practices typical to the local area.

Continuation of the fundamental theory of accounting principles and procedures, including interpretation of general purpose financial statements.

Prerequisites: ACC111 with a grade of "C" or better, or permission of Department or Division.

Topics include development and influence of federal policies, past and present issues confronting Native Americans and how Native American individuals and communities maintain their identities as they confront social changes. General Education Designations: C, H, SB Analyzes the legal system of the United States Government as it applies to American Indian Nations.

Examines how United States legal institutions have impacted Indian sovereignty.

Survey of American Indian history with emphasis on the last 200 years including developments in the 20th century.

Focuses on selected groups such as the Cherokee, Iroquois Confederation, Navajo, Sioux and Indians of the Southwest in relation to cultural, economic, political and social continuity and changes.

Development and analysis of accounting information for managerial planning and control.

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