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Expecting him to unload both barrels on me, he instead began laughing so hard, I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel.

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I quickly corrected my mistake–organisms– and just kept right on going pretending she did not hear and I did not say what I DID just say. Wondering aloud how she could possibly pass on a billion orgasms, she bought the add on.

I never did follow up to ensure it was performing as promised.

) We narrowed the choices down to eight, which was not easy, and our judges were torn about leaving out some really deserving stories. Some of my personal favorites were a few of the R-rated submissions that did not make the cut, as my judges reminded me it was not a “dirtiest” story contest. Many of these stories will be circulated for a long time.

Voting was open for a week with the winner chosen by our readers.

If you just can’t wait, call Mistress Beatrice at xxx-xxxx and she can also service you. I hope you didn’t forget that we had an appointment for a three-way with my supervisor, Debbi.” SILENCE. This is one of the classic moments in my career that gets laughs from co-workers to this day.

It may be considered R rated so I’ll warn the sensitive people ahead of time.

A few years ago we ran a contest looking for those embarrassing or funny phone experiences we love to share–or perhaps keep to ourselves.

I had some requests to share it again for those that didn’t see it.

The man’s name was obviously Spanish and not one I was familiar with so I asked for him by his first name, Juan.

The lady who answered just replied, “I’m sorry, no Juan home.” The funniest sales call I’ve ever been involved with took place over ten years ago, but I’ve never forgotten it!

When the client called the CEO back, they both had a good laugh about it, we actually wound up making a sale(! At the next sales meeting the CEO told everyone the story, (which got a huge laugh and round of applause), and asked me if I could spill hot drinks on myself more often.

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